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5 Tips to Help Organize Your Kitchen

Do you dread having to pull out baking trays from a mountain of dishes and trays? Are your kitchen counters covered in paper clutter? Kitchens are commonly a landing zone for clutter and mess. If the thought of having to pull a can of tomato sauce from the very back of your cupboard or pantry scares you, I have 5 simple tips to help your kitchen stay more organized.


Go to the dollar store and buy medium sized plastic baskets that will fit in your cabinets. This is the best way to contain the clutter and keep like items together. Start with pulling out all your pasta and putting it all in one bin. (Don't forget to toss anything old/expired as you see it!)

For bonus points label the basket with BIG letters so everyone knows where the pasta goes and you will be more likely to put pasta away where it belongs. Trust me it works!

Repeat as necessary with rice and grains, snacks, baking supplies, spices, etc.

2. Put items you never use in the harder to reach places - think above the fridge or a low cabinet. THEN, put the items you use EVERYDAY in the "valuable real-estate" areas aka the areas that are super easy to reach and close to where you cook/work in the kitchen. If you cook with spices everyday - put those close to where you cook. If you don't, put those spices somewhere else. Don't waste valuable space with items you never use!

3. Toss 10 items from your kitchen

As a consumer society, we tend to accumulate tons of items we don't really need. Toss or donate 10 items in your kitchen that you never use, don't like or is expired. This is a great start to purging your kitchen on a small scale. Make it a habit and your kitchen will stay tidy :)

4. Think about making a "holiday box"

If you have cooking tools or accessories that only come out during Christmas dinner/Thanksgiving/Easter/etc then consider putting those items in a box and storing them OUT of your kitchen. If your roasting pan is not being used 90% of the year , then it's taking up valuable space and cluttering your kitchen.

5. Make a control center for paper clutter

Kitchens are the heart of the home and thus collects a lot of homeless clutter. If you find yourself leaving bills, kids artwork and mail on the kitchen counter - you need a control center. A control center is a place where incoming, outgoing and pending papers/documents live. It is way to stay organized with whats coming in, what needs to go out and what needs our attention. A 3 tray wall folder would be perfect for this.

Here are 3 different styles of organizers that would work:

I hope these 5 tips will inspire you to tackle the clutter in your kitchen! For more awesome organizing products to help you organize your home click here.

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