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How Purging Your Closet Can Change Your Life

You may think that purging you closet is a necessary evil to maintain the chaos of clothes, hangers and random articles of clothing in the closet. But having a closet full of clothes you love can be life changing!

When done correctly, purging old and misfitting clothes can empower you, bring joy and make you feel lighter! Removing the clothes you don't feel good in will make you feel better about yourself when you get dressed in the morning.

Imagine looking in a closet full to the brim with clothes where every item you pull out is too itchy, too small, too big, doesn't look right or just isn't you. What a bring down! It's going to take a hit on your self confidence because nothing feels right. Not great start to the morning!

Now imagine a closet full of clothes you KNOW look good on you and you feel good in. You can see every item clearly and each brings joy to look at. You feel light, happy and excited to wear your favourite clothes. Getting ready is a simple and effortless...

So, how do you attain such a wonderful vision in your own closet?

Simple. One-by-one you pick items from your closet and put them in 1 of 3 piles:

1. I love it

2. I don't love it

3. Need to try it on (aka I forgot I even had this and I have no idea if it even fits).

Put EVERY item of clothing you own into one of these three piles. Yup, this means socks and undies too. If anything doesn't look good, make you feel good or you love - YOU DON'T NEED IT. It will only hold you back from the life that you really want. Leave trying on clothes from the third pile to the very end of your purge. It will take more time and challenge your ability to decide what you love or don't love.

It may seem silly, but the clothes you decide to keep should reflect the life you want to live. Your clothes should inspire you and make you feel confident and happy.

Donate the "I don't love it" pile so someone else can love them. Try on the clothes you need to 'test' and decide if it fits in with the lifestyle you want to attain.

For those of you that have trouble letting go, I have a trick. Any "maybe" item that you can't seem to decide whether to keep or not should go into a garbage bag or box in the closet. In 3 months open it up. If you forgot about those items, donate them. If you suddenly feel the urge to wear them, keep them. Still on the edge? Put them away for another 3 months. If you haven't worn them in 6 months - you never will.

For me, this trick usually leads me to think "wow I would never wear this, what was I waiting for" or "OMG thats so cute! What was I thinking?!" Sometimes a little distance makes decisions easier. Still having trouble letting go? Put an expiration date on the box 3-6 months in the future. At that date, donate the whole box without looking inside.

At the end of this exercise, you should be left with a much emptier (and easier to manage) closet. Going forward, you should be consistently donating items that no longer serve you (they don't look good or you just don't enjoy wearing them any more). Put a bin in your closet for clothes to donate. As you get dressed in the morning, if you put something on that just doesn't feel right, toss it in the bin. If you do this, you will never have to do a big purge again!

Tell me in the comments if you ever feel like you have NOTHING to wear. Do you think a purge would help?

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