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Lockdown Tidy Tips

Most of us are shut in at home doing our part to flatten the curve, slowly going mad staring at the same walls every day. I started out keeping a pristine and orderly home but after a few weeks the quarantine life started to get to me and motivation plummeted. I KNOW you've been feeling it too, so I’ve compiled a few simple (but effective) strategies that you can use to keep your home orderly and keep insanity at bay.

1. Complete a small task every day.

Make an effort to complete one small task every day. Attempting larger tasks (like organizing your whole closet) will quickly become overwhelming, even if you’re feeling motivated in the moment. Break it down into easier, quicker steps. On the more unmotivated days, try vacuuming a room, dusting, or taking out the garbage.

2. Before you go to bed, tidy up. It feels great waking up to a tidy home. Pick up items that don’t belong, straighten up, do the dishes and wipe down the counters.

If that seems overwhelming….

3. Set a 15 min timer.

Do as much as you can with that time. When time is up, stop.

4. Let go of perfect and embrace “good enough”. Getting 80% done is better than getting nothing done at all.

5. Don’t leave a room without something in your hands.

Getting up to get a drink? Bring some dirty dishes back. Find something that does not belong in that room and put it away. A little maintenance here and there prevents an overwhelming pile-up.

We're all in this together! I hope these tips help if you are not quite feeling yourself these days. You're not alone. Take care of yourself, listen to your body and remember that rest is just as important as any task on your to-do list.

Take care <3

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