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What the Heck is a 'Home Organizer'?

Many people are confused about the benefits of hiring a Home Organizer. I don't blame you! It's not a new field of work, but it is gaining popularity fast. Let me share with you some of the common misperceptions about Home Organizers.

"I can clean my home myself, I don't need to pay someone to do that!"

A home organizer does not "clean" your home. We organize it so it looks tidy and is functional for you and your family! You can definitely organize your home yourself, but the experience, guidance and knowledge of a Home Organizer can help to make the processes painless and prevent overwhelm.

I understand that some of your items are extremely sentimental. It can be hard for many people to go through their items and stay on track with their goals. That's where I come in! I help focus, motivate and guide you through the process.

"I need all 5000 of these paperclips. You'll just tell me to get rid of them all!"

Maybe you do need all those paperclips! Who am I to tell you what you do and don't need? What I can tell you is how best to organize those paperclips, help you reflect on what you use those paperclips for, their role in your life and decide where they should go. You are completely in control of our sessions!

"I'll need to buy hundreds of dollars worth of organizing supplies! It's so expensive to organize!"

Not with me around! Sometimes it is necessary to purchase bins and baskets to help you reach your goals, but this can be done on ANY budget. I pride myself on being able to utilize items you ALREADY OWN in the organization process. If you want modern looking bins and boxes or are fine to use dollar store bins or even old shoeboxes, I can work within your budget!

Organizing your home does not need to be expensive.

"I'm not going to be able to maintain the systems a Home Organizer puts in place."

A good Home Organizer knows their clients organizational style. I will create a system that works WITH you. Not against you. I promise -with a little effort- keeping your home organized will be easy for you. And if you ever need a refresher, I am always here to help get you back on track.

"My home is a disaster! I don't want anyone to see how bad it is. I definitely don't want a stranger going through my stuff!"

Organizing someone's home is extremely personal. Your home is an extension of yourself. If someone is judging your home, it's like they're judging who you are! It is an honour to be welcomed into anyone's home and the last thing I would do is judge you, your home or your situation. My number one goal is to help you make your life better! You are in control of the entire session. Let me coach you through this difficult process so you can finally reach your goals! If you are trying to better your life - I am already proud of you.

I hope this clears up some of the most common misconceptions about Home Organizers! If you are interested in a consultation, use the online booking tool or email me today. You will be one step closer to reaching your goals!

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