I have compiled this list of my top 12 favourite products so you can find the most useful tools to organize your home. I recommend these products because they are versatile, simple to use and work in most homes to improve organization.

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Chalkboard Labels

Any labels will do the trick (even homemade ones) to label the contents of containers. It keeps everyone in the family on the same page of what belongs where. For young kids, try using labels with images of what belongs inside the container. 

These labels are reusable, look great and come with a chalk pen. 


Bakeware Rack

Bakeware racks are a great solution to store baking pans and cutting boards. This one is adjustable to fit any size, and will fit perfectly in your kitchen cupboard.


Mop and Broom Holders (3M)

This product is one of my favourites. It's a simple way to get your broom/mop/Swiffer/etc off the floor of your closet and in an easily acessable place. PLUS! It's a part of the 3M Command series, which means set up and removal take seconds with no damage. Perfect for renters.


Bamboo Drawer Dividers

These spring loaded drawer dividers are super easy to install and look amazing in kitchen drawers. I use them to divide kitchen tools so drawers look neat. Be sure to measure before you buy as these may not fit in dresser drawers.


Lay n' Go Mats

Lay n' Go mats come in a variety of sizes. They are useful for those free spirited individuals who like to lay out all their make up products, legos or other items in front of them to use. Simply cinch the string and...Voila! All cleaned up!


Large Clear Bins

A classic organizational tool for storage. Totes are great for seasonal items, clothes storage and everything in between. Stackable, lightweight and clear so you can clearly see what's inside.


Stackable Drawers

Perfect for under-sink storage, pantries, bathrooms and more. These stackable basket drawers keep things organized and looking great!


3M Hooks

I absolutely adore 3M hooks. They can be used all over the house. I use them to hang my keys, oven mitts, the dog leash, extra jackets/clothes and more!


Behind the Door Lid Organizer

Quickly and easily find lids to your pots and pans! Great alternative or addition to the cookware rack listed below.



Another classic organizational tool. Baskets help contain the clutter and help organize closets, shelves and tabletops. Extremely versatile and come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs.


Bed Raisers

Easily increase vertical storage space by lifting up the bed! Improve storage space for seasonal clothes, shoes or bedding.


Cookware Rack

A great way to organize pots and pans so they are easy to use and put away. No longer will you fight through your mountain of pots and pans to find what you're looking for. 

Fully adjustable and versatile! 


There you have it -my favourite products for home organization! I hope you found some inspiration and ideas on how to organize your home with these simple products. Please consider using my links (click on the images) if you decide to purchase any of these products so I can continue to make great content for you guys!